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A JSON API response ramble

Read time: 4 minutes This ramble was triggered by a discussion we had at work. Essentially it revolves around – “What makes an API response structure good?”. More specifically – a JSON response object. Preface Well then, hang on to your hats, we’re going […]

a pair of keys

PHP Cryptography with Sodium

Read time: 4 minutes Overview Cryptography is a fascinating subject, that I hope we’ll explore further in the future. This post will cover a practical use-case for encryption within a PHP based project. WIthin this guide you will learn the ins and outs of […]


Read time: 5 minutes Welcome to the world of RTL-SDR. This is an exiting place to be, with virtually limitless possibilities for what you can achieve. This post will serve as the stepping stone for the upcoming guides and tutorials, that you’ll see here.