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So what is this site exactly? aka – About

Well, I’ve been working within the IT industry for a while now. There have been awesome moments, and some less so. But there’s something that never disappeared, starting from the first time I saw code – the willingness to learn.

There’s always the “great new thing” dropping on our plate, there’s always a better, faster, cheaper way to do things.

But one thing is clear – you’ve gots to learn it. And what better way to learn something, then by having it explained by someone that’s done it the hard way. Yes you can, and you should read the documentation, but what happens when you actually try to implement the new thing? All hell breaks loose, at least that happens to me at first.

I will try to use this site as a “one-stop-spot” for all things within the software development world. There’s no structure, or schedule, or editors. It’s just information sharing.

I believe that these days there’s an information overload situation going on. So instead of answering hyper-specific coding questions, I’ll aim to give you a “stepping stone” of sorts in some technologies. Something to get that fire burning, without you having to burn-out just because you can’t set something up.

See that RTL-SDR guide? Yeah, that took me about 3 days to figure out on my own, just to get the thing up and running. Instead of wasting your precious time, just read the article – it takes 5 minutes and saves you, literally days.

So just enjoy what you see here, read the articles, follow the guides, try the tutorials. And remember, we never stop learning.

Don’t hesitate to send me an email, if you’re struggling with anything, I’ll try to help, if I can: [email protected]

Happy Coding,

Max Sarandev