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O’Reilly – PHP Cookbook

Book of the week This week’s recommended book is: O’Reilly PHP Cookbook. Cookbooks are an amazing thing to have in your arsenal. A one-stop-shop for a number of topics, that you might find useful in situations you’ve not faced before. […]

Laravel Vapor – getting started

Intro This post contains a basic overview of the most-commonly used Vapor setup commands. This is by-far not a comprehensive list, think of this as a cheat-sheet. What’s Laravel Vapor? Here’s a quote from the makers themselves: Laravel Vapor is […]

O’Reilly – Laravel up & running

Book of the week This week’s recommendation is: O’Reilly’s Laravel up & running. If you need some guidance on how to setup a Laravel application, by following the best practices, or simply to understand what goes on under the hood […]

O’Reilly – SQL cookbook

Book Recommendation This week’s recommended read is: O’Reilly’s SQL cookbook. There’s just something about cookbooks, that cannot be substituted with any other book. Everything you need to shine a new light on your favourite technology – in one place. A […]

O’Reilly – PHP, MySQL, Javascript

Overview Build interactive, data-driven websites with the potent combination of open-source technologies and web standards, even if you only have basic HTML knowledge. With this popular hands-on guide, you’ll tackle dynamic web programming with the help of today’s core technologies: […]

Getting started with Kubernetes

Intro Kubernetes is an amazing orchestrator that has tons of configuration options for any size application that you may want to deploy on it. This guide will cover the deployment of a pre-built Docker image containing our Laravel 6 application […]

Laravel docker header image

Laravel 6 – Docker config

Intro I started a new project yesterday, and as there are no backward compatibility considerations – Laravel 6 appeared on the horizon. As usual, when building the skeleton, I needed an updated docker configuration, to follow the mantra – Don’t […]

big brother eye, camera symbol

DIY surveillance camera build

Hey peeps, here’s a brilliant video from “Hak5” on YouTube, showing a DIY camera development process. As we’re adopting IOT more and more, it’s refreshing to see something that doesn’t relly on a cloud infrastructure somewhere to work. Plus, anything […]